Lakeridge Human Services

Treatment. Faith. Transformation.

Lakeridge Human Services is transforming our community by helping people overcome addiction, though love, faith, treatment and hope. Each Lakeridge resident and community member is welcomed, loved, supported and assisted through a treatment and recovery community program that helps not only the client but their families, who are all too often left behind. Lakeridge defines hope in westside Detroit.

  • Housing
  • Treatment
  • Supportive Care

Lakeridge is more than housing and substance abuse treatment. It’s hope.

Lakeridge Human Services embeds faith, hope and love by providing housing, substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment to clients. People need to learn (often for the first time) how to cope with life’s difficulties – grief and loss, challenge and turmoil, financial and emotional instability – through a supportive community that is also faith-based. These are human experiences we all encounter, and learning to cope is also a human experience that we all share. And in the westside Detroit neighborhood Lakeridge operates in, these human experiences are compounded with financial and economic instability, with the added burden of crime, racial inequities and families torn apart by incarceration.

Lakeridge Human Services provides treatment, housing and hope for people and families who have been caught in a spiral of hopelessness through addiction.

“Lakeridge Transformed Me”

“Eight years ago, I didn’t think I’d even be HERE, let alone that I’d be healthy again. I’ve been employed by Lakeridge for 8 years as staff, and though I’ve had setbacks, I’ve been sober (again) for 3 years.  Lakeridge transformed me. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.


Lakeridge Programs & Services

Co-occurent Treatment  and Housing (4 months)

Outpatient Co-occurent Treatment and Shared Living

Jail-Based Treatment Program

Jail Tether Program

Recovery Housing

36th District Court Specialty Court Program

Food Pantry and Food Distribution Program

Inpatient clinical care services from a visiting physican/telemed/pharmacy delivery